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03-02-21 04:35:00,

By Julie Beal

The coronavirus vaccines are supposed to be ‘intelligent’, because they use novel adjuvants that can target the immune system in specific ways. On the other hand, many of them could cause immediate ‘hypersensitive’ reactions such as anaphylaxis or seizures, or what seems like a delayed reaction, i.e. one that results in an autoimmune disorder. An adjuvant (say ‘add-joov-unt’) is a substance that’s deliberately added to a vaccine to make you have a certain kind of immune response.

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If a vaccine only contains an antigen (e.g. a virus), it doesn’t make people produce enough antibodies, so adjuvants are added to force a reaction and make it last longer:

Adjuvants may be molecules, compounds, or macromolecular complexes that boost the potency, quality, or longevity of specific immune responses to antigens, but which should cause minimal toxicity.

Note, in the quote above, they can only say ‘should’, because adjuvants are bad for the body – that’s the whole point of them. They’re supposed to make you react, but only a bit! So if you’re thinking, “Right, OK, so what are these things, and what will they do to me?”, the answer is, “It depends!”  This is partly because we’ve all got a different genetic make-up, and different kinds of microbes living inside us.  But it also depends on which vaccine we’re talking about, because every company makes its own special blend, so they’re all a bit different too.

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“However!”  You can be empowered by learning about how genetic vaccines work, and how the reaction to a vaccine is linked to autoimmune disorders and the little bugs that live inside you! This means getting a bit ‘sciencey’, e.g. how the body works, and what microbes like bacteria and viruses actually do in the body, and maybe even what DNA is. All of this is well worth knowing, especially if you’re required to keep getting extra shots for the ‘health passports’ which are planned to be used globally.

An overview of the ronavax adjuvants

There are several new adjuvants being used in the coronavirus vaccines (or ‘ronavax’),

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