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05-02-21 11:04:00,

In response to rumors that Bernie Sanders foreign policy advisor Matt Duss may be playing some role in the Joe Biden State Department, bloodthirsty psychopath Nikki Haley told the Washington Free Beacon that this “is another indication that the only unity in Biden’s foreign policy is between the far left and the extreme left.”

Which is of course ridiculous. Taken as a whole Biden’s imperialist foreign policy has not differed much from Trump’s, and Duss is a fairly reliable imperialist himself. This administration is not an “extreme” deviation from the norm, and much less a manifestation of anything that could be called “extreme left”.

NEW: Biden Reportedly Set to Hire Top Anti-Israel Activist Matt Duss for State Dept Post — @NikkiHaley tells me controversial pick “is another indication that the only unity in Biden’s foreign policy is between the far left and the extreme left”

— Adam Kredo (@Kredo0) February 4, 2021

This nonsense comes out at the same time we learn that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has put a bunch of US military operations on hold, not because those military operations are depraved acts of mass murder driven by the megalomaniacal agenda to dominate the entire world, but to hold “needed discussions” about the possibility that there may now be “extremists” among their ranks.

“Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has ordered a staggered pause of operations across the entire US military so commanders can have ‘needed discussions’ with service members about the issue of extremism over the next 60 days,” CNN reports. “The issue of extremism in the military has been at the forefront since the January 6 riot at the US Capitol. At least 22 people either formerly or currently associated with the military were charged in connection with the riot.”

That’s right, the US military has for decades been merrily incinerating entire families, ripping apart children with cluster munitions, and destroying whole nations for disobeying US imperial dicates, but now they need to pause some of that normal, wholesome activity because a few bad apples might perhaps have succumbed to extremism.

Devastating Iraq, turning Libya into a failed state, facilitating genocide in Yemen, waging an endlessly expanding ‘war on terror’ and brandishing armageddon weapons at your enemies?

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