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09-02-21 10:31:00,

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George Orwell’s famous quote “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” comes from the preface of his dystopian fable “Animal Farm: A Fairy Story” published in August 1945.

The silent majority of citizens worldwide will agree with the author that our children have a right to a decent future. However, they will not want to hear that by their silence they are denying our youth today a future worth living. The cause is their belief in and allegiance to authority, which leads to total spiritual obedience, paralysis of the mind and doing nothing.

What the rebellious generation of 68 reproached their fathers for, that they had willingly submitted to a dictator and a tyranny, is happening again three generations later. And again, only a small group of courageous and awakened citizens is resisting – and the vast majority is asleep and silent.

Speaking into the wind

Since the beginning of the long-planned fear pandemic in the early 2020s, independent and respected international researchers and renowned personalities have pointed out that there is no medical problem, but only a political one. A global criminal elite has set itself the goal of terrifying humanity with the help of bought politicians and their corporate media in order to force them into absolute obedience. Some of these methods have been tested by secret services with “success”.

The rigidity of fear of many people enables this small group of billionaires and so-called philanthropists to push through the long-planned plans of a “New World Order” and a “4th Industrial Revolution” against the civilian population without any significant resistance – with unforeseen negative consequences for us citizens. The “embedded” mass media not only do not allow these honest enlightened people with their opinions differing from the mainstream to have their say, but they also ridicule them as conspiracy theorists and enemies of democracy.

What kind of future humanity has to expect if they do not succeed in stopping this madness can be read and listened to by anyone interested in the freely accessible alternative internet platforms.

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