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09-02-21 11:07:00,

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The picture started to be formed in Biden’s first 48 hours but now it is crystal clear: The Biden Administration intends to pick up exactly where the Obama/Biden Administration left off in 2016 with an aggressive assertion of U.S. military power to offset its declining global economic, political, and moral position.

All signals appear to be heading in that direction. The Atlantic Council, a right-wing structure that is a mouthpiece for NATO and Western alliance, issued a 26,000 word screech against China, which makes the argument for eventual war if regime change and other “containment” polices fail to coax the Chinese into surrendering to the U.S. This is utter madness.

But it continues. In another highly publicized comment, Admiral Charles A. Richard warned that “There is a real possibility that a regional crisis with Russia or China could escalate quickly to a conflict involving nuclear weapons.”

The Administration announced a few days ago that it would essentially undermine the peace process in Afghanistan by extending the presence of U.S. troops in that country, which essentially violates the terms of the agreement U.S. has signed. It is clear that Trump is not the only one who can reverse negotiated international agreements.

On Sunday February 7, the Biden administration announced that it will not lift sanctions imposed on Iran after the U.S. pulled out of  the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) unless Iran comes back into compliance. Since it was the U.S. that first violated the agreement by pulling out and then imposed sanctions, Iran is demanding that the U.S. come into compliance first, which means new escalating tensions and possible conflict with Iran.

Is this what the over 80 million people who voted for Biden in the election wanted? Or does this imperialist war agenda of the ruling class demonstrate why with the democrat party primaries and the debates between Trump and Biden foreign policy received less than an hour of debate?

Public opinion for more than a decade has indicated that a majority of the public,

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