As society suffers, Big Pharma gets stronger and wealthier


17-02-21 03:40:00, Image: As society suffers, Big Pharma gets stronger and wealthier

(Natural News) The mergers and acquisitions that are constantly taking place within Big Pharma and the United States “healthcare” system at large are helping the drug industry to rake in record profits, even as more lives than ever before are being destroyed in the process.

Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) published a damning report on Jan. 29 outlining the horrors of this deathcare system, and calling on Congress to enact “comprehensive, urgent reform” to fix it.

Entitled, “Killer Profits: How Big Pharma Takeovers Destroy Innovation and Harm Patients,” Porter’s report reveals how in just the past decade alone, the number of “large, international pharmaceutical companies (has) decreased six-fold, from 60 to 10.”

The claim by company executives is that these consolidations are needed to increase operational efficiency, however Porter’s report explains that “digging a level deeper” exposes “a troubling industry-wide trend of billions of dollars of corporate resources going toward acquiring other pharmaceutical corporations with patent-protected blockbuster drugs instead of putting those resources toward discovery of new drugs.”

In truth, nearly every pharmaceutical merger and acquisition that takes place is meant to boost stock prices, stop competitors, and / or acquire some new blockbuster drug that has the potential to bring in an enormous revenue stream.

It is all about the money, in other words. We know the pharmaceutical industry does not care one iota about helping people get healthy because pharmaceutical drugs cause more harm than good, despite being the only approved form of “medicine” in America.

“Instead of spending on innovation, Big Pharma is hoarding its money for salaries and dividends,” the report explains, “all the while swallowing smaller companies, thus making the marketplace far less competitive.”

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Trump’s tax giveaway to the wealthy allowed 12 of the biggest pharmaceutical companies to buy back stocks

In a series of tweets, Porter wrote that Big Pharma loves to gobble up biotechnology firms that would otherwise be its competition. As soon as these smaller companies are acquired, all innovation “stops,” she says.

“The culture of creativity is killed,” Porter warns. “The small firm’s vision is lost, and the big firm’s profits become priority.”

Porter’s report features exclusive interviews with former Immunex,

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