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The names of poets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich von Schiller are as familiar to people around the world as the names of scientists and thinkers Albert Einstein, Albert Schweizer and Carl Friedrich von Weizäcker. But Germany’s once high reputation as the “land of poets and thinkers” is visibly being dragged through the mud and sinking into the malodorous swamp of corruption.

An example for this “plague of corruption” (1) is the bad news that science and power are accomplices in an existential question for mankind.

Claim and values of science

Science is understood to be the totality of human knowledge, findings and experiences of an era. This is systematically expanded, collected, preserved, taught and handed down. In the case law of the German Federal Constitutional Court, the term “science” is defined as:

“Everything that, according to content and form, is to be regarded as a serious attempt to determine the truth.”

To achieve this lofty goal, science purports to recognize certain values such as:

– Unambiguity,

– transparency,

– objectivity,

– verifiability,

– reliability,

– openness and honesty, and

– novelty: the work leads to progress in knowledge (2).

Science and power as fellow henchmen

Today’s science, however, is in a relationship of increasing interdependence with politics. Political circumstances set the respective framework conditions for scientific research and the social application of research findings.

As a result, there are hardly any independent scientists left, but only academics (with university or college education) who kowtow or hawk their knowledge and skills – and often their souls – to corrupt politicians, the military-industrial complex and Big Money. Some stray so far from their humanity that they help perfect the means for the general destruction of humanity. When the plight of the people does not touch their hearts, these so-called scientists judge themselves: All their wisdom and science are degraded to a self-indulgent game of wits that knows no obligation.

Recently, more and more examples of political and scientific corruption of previously unimaginable proportions have been coming to light. In Germany, Michael Eisfeld, professor of economic philosophy at the University of Lausanne and member of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina – the National Academy of Sciences – now made public his sharp criticism of the government and the scientific advisory body.

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