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25-02-21 09:12:00,

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“There exists an unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. It is outrageous, this is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting society.”

This is what top Canadian pathologist and virologist Dr Roger Hodkinson told Canadian government officials about Corona back in late November 2020 during a Zoom conference call (1). And he is right! We can only stop this pandemic hoax and give our children a future worth living if we realise that we are both victims and perpetrators.

Don’t hand over power to anyone!

Every few years we elect corrupt politicians to high government offices and regard them as respectable authorities. Politicians immediately associate this ascription with claims to power, create a relationship of superiority and subordination and enforce the will or instructions of the global power elite on the citizens. These mendacious politicians can neither be trusted today nor in the future, wrote Leo Tolstoy as early as 1905 (2).

For more than a year they have been stirring up irrational fears and a public hysteria and panic of a terrible choking death with their loyal mass media without any reason. Yet the deliberate stirring up of irrational fears has been an instrument of discipline and domination by unscrupulous despots for centuries. They are doing the work of the devil, not the work of God. We do not have a medical problem worldwide, but a political one! We are all to be panicked into obeying so they can do what they want with us.

But despots not only stir up unfounded fears, they also use religion for their satanic plans. The state and the church have been allies and henchmen, respectively, since time immemorial! Both want us to believe in the so-called authorities and show absolute spiritual obedience – a so-called cadaver obedience! Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order, demanded this as early as the middle of the 16th century: According to divine providence, we should let ourselves be led and guided by the superiors as if we were a dead body or the staff of an old man with which one can do what one wants.

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