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Accounts of scientists and campaigners of what happened in 2020 and why.

“Award winning film-maker Elizabeth Copeland and her husband, organist and composer Richard have made a documentary that is an uplifting lens through which we can gain a perspective on where we are and why. Despite the gravity of the topic, they manage to bring a light touch, even humour and serenity, to the telling of this story. Their personal exploration of our current crisis made me alternately laugh and cry as I progressed through their honest, careful and clear exposition. If you are still confused about how we got here and where we are going if we don’t put the brakes on right now, watch this film. Unlike comparable documentaries, it’s not so much about lowering clouds but the sunny skies to come once we understand and do the necessary. It is long as documentaries go (four hours and seventeen minutes) but you will be changed by your ‘Copeland grand tour.’ It will restore your optimism and renew your faith in humanity’s ability to overcome.”
Claire Edwards
Retired UN Editor, Co-Author 5G Space Appeal

I am in tears, dear Elizabeth, your movie is already a classic in my mind, and to be part of it is a huge honour. I am just a very small person, but you have made a great movie! Congratulations x 1,000,000 times!!
Professor Olle Johansson
Neuroscientist, Retired from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm in Sweden


Kathrine Johansson
PhD, Art-technology-science, former lecturer in Philosophy of Science

The Perth Group of scientists
“The Emperor’s New Virus”, about the HIV scam

Kary Mullins
Biochemist, Inventor of the PCR test

Michael Church
Farmer from African village

Professor Andrew Kaufmann
Microbiologist, Psychiatrist
About the Sars-Cov-2 scam

Dr Sherri Tenpenny
Osteopathic Physician
About the concept of ‘virology’

Kristofer Krarup
Campaigner who asked for the evidence of Sars-Cov2 on Danish TV

Mr Chow
Lecturer in sequencing

Jason Liosatos
Campaigner, author, “Out of the Box” – with Dr Andrew Kaufman – about sequencing

Piers Corbyn

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