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27-02-21 09:13:00,

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Today, 25 February 2021, the German media reported that you had appealed to citizens of Bavaria to accept all vaccines during a digital conversation. According to the “Deutsches Ärzteblatt”, you would have appealed to the German citizens to trust in all approved vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Moreover, you would not have expressed any understanding for the hesitation towards one or the other vaccine. This procrastination was a “luxury problem”. According to “Ärzteblatt”, scientific studies showed “that all vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) were effective and tolerable.” Literally, you said:

“This is a luxury problem, (…) Especially from the point of view of millions of people who are still waiting for the first dose. To vaccinate faster, that is the order of the day. (…) And for that, all approved vaccines deserve our trust.”(See this)


I find it difficult to put into decent words what I felt at this news item. I am an educationalist, a graduate psychologist and worked for decades as a professor in adult education in Germany and Switzerland. As an independent scientist, I am very well informed about the very questionable “efficacy” and “tolerability”, especially of the vaccines offered in Germany, due to my international networking with safe friends and colleagues, and I understand the hesitation of my fellow citizens.

The fact that you, with the weight of the First Man in the State and as a lawyer and Christian, are blowing the same horn as Big Pharma and suspect scientists, has greatly outraged and shaken me. It confirmed my suspicion of politicians – written down in a booklet entitled “Don’t hand over power to anyone! A Psychological Manifesto of Common Sense”.

On 18 December 2020, in light of the Corona pandemic hoax as a crime against civil societies worldwide, I wrote an article entitled: “When is the next ‘Nuremberg Trial’ due?” In it I quoted an excerpt from the opening speech of the US Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trial, Robert H.

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