Bullshit Spoken In An Assertive Tone: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


28-02-21 10:18:00,

Watching the slow, silent realization creep over online Democrats that Biden really isn’t going to do anything for them.

Americans: $2000 checks please

Government: Sorry did you say airstrikes on Syria?

Americans: No, $2000 checks

Government: Okay, since you asked nicely here’s your airstrikes on Syria.

This latest Biden airstrike is being spun as “defensive” and “retaliatory” despite its targeting a nation the US invaded (Syria) in response to alleged attacks on US forces in another nation the US invaded (Iraq). You can’t invade a nation and then claim self-defense there. That’s not a thing.

If you’re uncritically repeating US government claims about its justifications for acts of mass military violence, you’re not doing journalism, you’re writing Pentagon press releases.

It’s like the Biden administration is actively trying to vindicate everyone who spent the last four years saying that as far as policy decisions are concerned there’s nothing unusual about the Trump administration.

The only way to see the Biden administration as significantly different from the Trump administration is to jack your mind into an alternate reality made of partisan narrative constructs.

The short-term plan to fix America: Get rid of Trump.

The long-term plan to fix America: Mumble mumble diverse cabinet mumble mumble mumble I bet Trump is hatching some pretty bad schemes for 2024 mumble mumble.

The facts are in and the debate is settled. Those who claimed the Democratic Party can be used to move the United States toward sanity were wrong. The first step to escaping a burning building is to stop pushing on the fake emergency exit door that’s been painted on the wall.

Biden is doing to his campaign promises what MBS did to Jamal Khashoggi.

Yes what Mohammed bin Salman is doing to Yemen may be quantifiably hundreds of thousands of times worse than what he did to Jamal Khashoggi, but as a liberal I am more offended by the latter because Yemeni children don’t write for my favorite newspaper.

China’s success on the world stage benefits the Chinese people.

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