Municipal gov’t flyer tells parents to put 3-year-olds in solitary quarantine if exposed to COVID


02-03-21 12:44:00,

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ONTARIO, Canada, March 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Fierce online backlash from outraged parents as well as the media spotlight forced a major Ontario regional municipality to say it made a “mistake” in issuing a flyer that instructed parents to keep their children in solitary quarantine at home for a period of 14 days if the child was dismissed from school or child care after being exposed to COVID-19.

The Region of Peel, comprising the Ontario cities of Brampton, Mississauga, and Caledon, released a flyer in December in which it told parents what to do if their children who attend school or child care are dismissed because a classmate came down with COVID-19.


“The child must self-isolate,” stated the flyer, “which means stay in a separate bedroom, eat in a separate room apart from others, use a separate bathroom.” The directives would apply to children as young as three who attend child care.

The Toronto Sun released a report about the directives on Saturday, interviewing experts who criticized them as harmful and not supported by science.

“This is cruel punishment for a child, especially for younger children, 4-10 years old,” Dr. Susan Richardson, a microbiologist and infectious disease physician, told the Sun.

“Shutting a child off from their parents and siblings for up to 14 days in this manner could produce significant and long-lasting emotional and psychological effects,” she added.

Richardson said that the directives are not supported by science.

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“An asymptomatic child in a classroom with one child testing positive is at very low risk for acquiring infection,” she told the Sun. “Most importantly, we are losing sight of the fact that if he/she should contract COVID while quarantining at home, they and their siblings are at an extremely low risk of suffering severe disease as a consequence.”

The flyer also says that if the confined child must leave their room,

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