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It came to me like a bolt from the sky. The reason nothing ever changes is because powerful forces want things this way. In chaos and crisis, I mean. It’s been right there in front of us, all along. But it took an interchange in 2018 between Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, and American journalist Megyn Kelly to smack me awake. What’s interesting, is how easy it is to see who these “forces” are, and who is creating the narrative that fuels today’s fearsome reality.

A previous discussion between Kelly and Mr. Putin in St. Petersburg turned into an NBC News American propaganda campaign to put Russia on the hot seat with the American public, and to set the stage for renewed tensions because of alleged Russian interference in US domestic affairs. The series of meetings and interviews between Putin and the American journalist were spun by NBC making it appear as if Kelly were some kind of superhero investigative journalist pitted against some arch-villain. The story ended up with the title “Confronting Putin”, and the network spun the yarn like an old Korean War era newsreel. The special began with Kelly standing in her fur coat outside St. Basils Cathedral in Red Square.

She opens by stating that Putin is the man, “many American officials believe has launched a cyberwar on American democracy.” The veteran journalist even insists that Putin was, at the time, trying to “burnish his tough-guy image”, in the days leading up to his re-election bid. What’s funny for me now, is that no one seemed to take note of the American TV network doing its part to interfere in Russian affairs. Kelly says she returned to confront Putin “armed with new evidence” of the Kremlin’s complicity in a cyberattack on the US system, but she only brings renewed allegations about the Internet Research Agency, a cock and bull yarn the New York Times cooked up in 2015, using a Russian SPAM marketing agency as some kind of James Bond 007 Spectre cyber spoof. I won’t dive off into the so-called “Troll Farm” here, since I’ve debunked that story in my book and many internet reports. It’s more important to focus on western media and their agents.

Kelly’s agenda in the interviews, and NBC’s directed broadcasts,

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