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07-03-21 02:10:00,

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Covid related restrictions put in place since early 2020 caused infinitely more harm than any combination of major diseases.

What never should have been instituted by US, Western and other governments should end straightaway.

Lockdowns, quarantines, scam PCR tests, face masks that don’t protect and risk harm, socially destructive social distancing, and mass-jabbing with unapproved, experimental, hazardous drugs were ordered based on Big Lies and mass deception.

Texas and Mississippi took steps in the right direction — short of restoring normal life entirely.

On Tuesday, Texas Governor Gregg said the following:

“It is now time to open Texas 100%.”

Restrictions never should have been imposed in the first place.

Abbott: “(P)eople and businesses don’t need the state telling them how to operate” any longer.

Nor did they since seasonal flu was renamed covid as part of a state-sponsored mass deception campaign to get millions of Americans and others abroad to self-inflict harm on themselves.

Abbott said he’s rescinding “most of (his) earlier (covid related) executive orders.”

Starting March 10, “all businesses of any type are allowed to open 100%.”

His spokesperson confirmed that his action applies to all public activities, including sporting events, other forms of entertainment, dining, work places, and retail store shopping.

Mask-wearing in public is no longer required.

Abbott stopped short of exposing and ordering an end to hazardous to health mass-jabbing that doesn’t protect and risks irreversible harm or death when used as directed.

His order left it optional for businesses to stick with the mask-wearing mandate for employees and/or customers.

It lets them decide whether to operate at full or limited capacity.

After his announcement, the H-E-B grocery chain said customers no longer are required to wear face masks in its stores.

Under Abbott’s order, if hospitalizations from seasonal flu — now called covid — rise above 15% of capacity of facilities in any of the state’s 22 hospital regions for seven straight days,

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