Clade X – A bioweapon for population reduction


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In 2018, a small circle of government experts in Washington rehearsed a pandemic triggered by a bioweapon, scripted to be caused by a group that wanted to use it to reduce the world’s population to achieve, literally, “the ‘reset’ or ‘paradigm shift’ that would be required to fundamentally alter the balance.” An excerpt from the book “Chronicle of an Announced Crisis”.

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Note: This article ist also available in German.

After increasingly apocalyptic pandemic exercises were launched in rapid staccato between 1998 and 2005 in the context of the „war on terror“, the intensity subsequently waned. Little happened for more than ten years. From 2008 onward, the major global issue, the financial crisis, apparently offered few points of contact for smallpox maneuvers. And the swine flu fiasco of 2009 probably had to be digested first.

The situation changed with the emergence of Donald Trump, an event symbolic for the visible decline of the U.S.-led world system. Shortly after his election as U.S. president in November 2016, which initially seemed unbelievable to many observers and sent shock waves around the globe, the exercises started again.

At this time, Bill Gates’ efforts to link vaccines, international security, and bioterrorism intensified. In January 2017, he traveled to the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he stated that there needed to be “serious discussions about how to prepare for a possible biological weapons attack.” Gates announced his intention to explore this topic in greater depth at the Munich Security Conference in February of that year. The occasion was the launch of the CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) vaccine research initiative, which he founded together with the pharmaceutical industry and several governments. This aimed to develop vaccines much faster than before – instead of within ten years in under twelve months – and to secure public-private funding for this.

The 2017 Munich Security Conference, where Gates subsequently appeared, was overshadowed by Donald Trump’s move into the White House a few weeks earlier. The German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine reported a “peculiar atmosphere in the hallways and back rooms” of the conference venue:

”Rarely – perhaps never – have the expressions of the heads of state,

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