Lawyers’ Committee targets sham FBI probe of 2001 anthrax attacks


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We know that the anthrax attacks of 2001 were not carried out by Muslim terrorists, but what many of us may not know is that these attacks provide strong evidence that 9/11 wasn’t either.

Exposing this connection could become much easier if the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry (LC911) is successful in getting the U.S. Congress to launch a new investigation into the hugely significant but often overlooked anthrax attacks.

To this end, LC911 has laid out its rationale for wanting the case reopened in a 78-page petition that was sent to Congress on October 15, 2020. The petition is accompanied by 69 exhibits. All of this material can be viewed on the LC911 website (

LC911 contends that the official narrative of the anthrax attacks is false and that it, like 9/11, involved both a cover-up of what really happened and accusations against innocent parties.

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“It’s after 9/11, but we look at it as being connected,” LC911 president David Meiswinkle, who is also a member of his organization’s anthrax committee, explained in an interview. “We did anthrax in part because no one has done it. There is no Architects & Engineers [for 9/11 Truth] for anthrax.”

An essential finding of LC911’s investigation is that the man the FBI and the Department of Justice claim was the sole perpetrator of the attacks, Dr. Bruce Ivins, not only wasn’t responsible but couldn’t have been.

Ivins was a microbiologist who worked on anthrax vaccine development at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at the Fort Detrick military base in Maryland until his apparent suicide in July 2008. It was only after his death that he was publicly named by the FBI as its primary suspect.

The first wave of letters containing dried anthrax spores was sent one week after 9/11 to a number of locations, including several media outlets. A second wave went out the following month, and these contained a much deadlier variety, with spores that are so concentrated (one trillion spores per gram) that they behaved almost like a gas, Meiswinkle explains.

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Among the targets of this second wave were U.S.

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