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15-03-21 03:23:00,

Did the “Build Back Better” crowd, which began using that slogan in 2019 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, attack the stock market and crash world economies in March of 2020 in a covert effort to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and meet demands of the Paris climate accord?

A computer analysis by historical economist and sleuth financial forecaster Martin Armstrong has led him to believe a failed attack on the stock market in March of 2020 was masterminded by “Build Back Better” globalists who are also using the current COVID-19 crisis as cover for their covert campaign to coerce the world into global government and to convert from paper money to digital currency.

Armstrong says “by the sixth week the attack on the Dow Jones Industrials was worse than the 1929 Great Depression.”  Armstrong says by the 19th week the market recovered due to a rapid shift from public to private assets by investors, a so-called Weekly Bullish Reversal.

A worldwide lockdown induced by the COVID-19 crisis along with a stock market crash would paralyze the world, halt auto and aircraft travel, and theoretically reduce so-called green-gas emissions.

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Armstrong’s words: “When we look at the events and how they unfolded, it appears that this was a failed attempt to undermine the economy to support this Build Back Better agenda.”

Corroboration in the news media

A report published in the GUARDIAN entitled “Global lockdown every two years needed to meet Paris CO2 goals – study,” and then later re-titled, suggests a global lockdown every two years is needed to meet Paris climate goals.

Climate change advocates assert the earth will heat to apocalyptic levels every two years if carbon dioxide levels don’t drop to a level equivalent to a worldwide lockdown every two years for the next decade.

How did this skip past US intelligence agencies? Or what aren’t they telling us?

The disturbing part of all of this is that an online economics commentator, not military or US security agencies, announced detection of this alleged financial invasion.

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