On Nonduality, Politics, And Freedom


15-03-21 12:01:00,

We are all one.

A lucid perception of reality reveals that our entire experience of what we call the world is inseparable from the awareness in which it appears, and that this awareness is boundless, timeless, and head-over-heels in love with all that is. There is no possible experience of the universe which is not painted upon the canvass of infinite loving awareness, with paint that is made of that same awareness, by a painter who is that same awareness.

Separation is an illusion. There are no true separate and isolated objects. We behold an ineffable unfolding of processes in the appearance of time using sense organs and brains which perceive and understand only a very tiny slice of what’s going on around us, and then our woefully inadequate primate minds pin labels on different aspects of this experience.

We engage in a cute game of make believe where we pretend that our labels are real, and that this label over here is a thing that is completely separate and separable from that other labeled thing over there. Really it’s just a bunch of “HI, MY NAME IS” stickers swirling around in a pool of water, each part inseparable from the rest.

We take this body and label it “me”, and we hold this “me” as separate from the other aspects of the oneness to which we have affixed other labels. This gives a sense of control and safety to an organism which came into this world helpless and squishy-headed. We get it into our heads from a very early age that we can use thoughts to protect and secure the interests of this “me” character we invented against the scary “world” and “others” which we have also labeled in our minds, and from then on our life is dominated by incessant compulsive mental narrative about the “me” and how it relates to all the other phenomena we have made labels for.

From this point onward, mental narrative lives in the foreground of our experience, with our actual experience of life as it is taking on a much more background role. We’re far less likely to really take in our surroundings and truly experience our senses in a given moment than we are to keep our interest and attention on our own mental chatter,

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