Tel Aviv’s Museum of Jewish People Celebrates Murderers, Spies and Criminals As Heroes


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Presenting blood curdling communists, greedy capitalists, brutalism, moral relativism and espionage as expressions of Jewishness is considered anti-Semitic when a Gentile does it, but the newly reopened Museum of Jewish People in Israel sees the above as inspiring expressions of Jewish racial identity.

AUN, the museum’s acronym in Hebrew, recently invested $100 million dollars into tripling the size of its exhibits. The Israeli government sees the institution as a time capsule of 4,000 years of Jewish achievement, an endeavor it believes will strengthen the racial identity of both Israelis and visiting diaspora Jews.

One of its permanent exhibits is called “Heroes – Trailblazers of the Jewish People.” Some of the figures celebrated in the exhibit are standard fare for a national heritage museum, such as famous entertainers, Israel’s early founders, poets, prophets and scientists.

But there are also many historical figures that are lauded by Jews that are known for little more than their brutality, deception, and socially corrosive effect in Western nations.

Leon Trotsky, listed by AUN as a heroic Jew, was a prominent cutthroat in the Bolshevik revolution. Many of the barbaric practices credited to Joseph Stalin, such as putting political opponents in the gulags, were pioneered by Trotsky.

In 1918, Trotsky drew up a plan to use POW camps that were housing foreign soldiers released under the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk to imprison intellectuals, clergy and political figures (including on the left) that did not support the Soviet government. By 1919, the “gulags” were officially opened and loaded with dissidents.

Other Soviet policies that provoke universal disgust, such as killing the family members of dissidents and deserters, were started by Trotsky according to the Jewish Virtual Library itself.

Historians differ on the exact death toll under Trotsky’s “Red Terror,” but estimates are in the millions. That curators at the museum meant to represent Jewish people are proud of this suggests that they have a radically different moral system than European Christians.

Even more mind boggling is the exhibit’s inclusion of Schmuel Azar and Moshe Marzouk as Jewish “trailblazers.”

Azar and Marzouk were part of a Mossad sleeper cell in Egypt that in 1954 sought to murder American and European civilians in multiple terrorist attacks that they would frame Muslims for.

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