Biden regime now working with big tech to stifle all dissent to COVID-19 vaccine


16-03-21 12:01:00,

When George Orwell’s prophetic book “1984” was published in 1949, there was no way even he could have known what a visionary he was.

A novel about a dystopian future featuring an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful central government, there was no way anything like that could ever happen in the United States or any of Europe’s liberal, civil rights-protecting democracies…right?


While Orwell’s date — 1984 — might have been just a tad premature, it wasn’t by much. Not long after, within a decade, the world would embrace the Internet, which would then be mastered and taken over by a handful of “big tech” companies that learned everything about everyone and used that information to profit and consolidate power.

And curry favor with authoritarians in government, many of whom have now exposed themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Perpetual lockdowns, closing of businesses, and the curbing of constitutional liberties have all pretty much gone on with little resistance, from we the people, save a protest here and there. And because of that, the elites in big tech and government who know us better than we know ourselves and who now control virtually every aspect of our lives are using their power in the most authoritarian manner.

“In a corporatist system of government, wherein there is no meaningful separation between corporate power and state power, corporate censorship is state censorship,” modern-day visionary and libertarian Caitlin Johnstone wrote in August 2018.

She was already aware of the unholy alliance forming between big tech and big government deep state types who were laying the groundwork for tyranny in the not too distant future. All they lacked was a triggering event.

The Chinese Communist government gave them one — conveniently, many people believe, given the fact that, at the time, Donald Trump was eating China’s lunch.

Johnstone wrote: 

Last year, representatives of Facebook, Twitter, and Google were instructed on the US Senate floor that it is their responsibility to “quell information rebellions” and adopt a “mission statement” expressing their commitment to “prevent the fomenting of discord.”

“Civil wars don’t start with gunshots, they start with words,” the representatives were told. “America’s war with itself has already begun. We all must act now on the social media battlefield to quell information rebellions that can quickly lead to violent confrontations and easily transform us into the Divided States of America.”

At the time,

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