Project Mockingbird: Six Corporations Control All the World’s Media


16-03-21 11:45:00,


By Jean Michel LeTennier

There is an old  saying attributed to Amschel Rothschild, “Give me control of a country’s  money supply and I care not who sits on the throne.” Whether this man  said this or not is irrelevant because it is unequivocally true. The  same can be said for control of the so-called “MASS MEDIA.” Any one  person or group who controls the mass media is essentially the owner of  nearly all narratives on this planet.

As Americans we talk  a lot about “freedom of Speech” but have very little understanding of  what that entails. Free speech is not just some words written into the  US Constitution and others around the world. There are many parts to it,  such as the ability to disseminate these free words and thoughts. In  today’ world we have Television, Radio, Newspapers, Social media,  Entertainment, Advertising, Business sales & marketing events,  places of worship, town halls, city councils,  Speaking arenas, Texting,  Video platforms… etc. What is of intense concern, is WHO owns these  avenues of dissemination.

Much like the Global  Banking System, which is really only one bank with arms, the Global  Media System is also just one group of people, one entity. This entity  is in the form of a pyramid, as most “control” systems are.  Historically, we start with the Associated Press News Wire corp.(founded  in 1846), and with the Reuters News Wire corp. (founded in 1850),  Both  of these companies were majority owned by the Rothschild’s banking  group, subsidiaries and associates and represent and supply some 15,000  news outlets with information globally. Associated Press has fallen on  hard times, comparatively, and is now owned and run by a NYC hedge fund,  but it still controls several hundred news outlets. Reuters has  expanded more into the financial sector in recent decades and  prospered.

You  don’t see every piece of information in the newspapers or other  outlets, as topics are well chosen, and the data is censored so that it  does not give away any vital information. It is well known fact that the  Media shows us only what they want to be seen and not really what  happened. All this data and information after censoring is sent to  Reuters or AP and then it spreads on the web and newspapers to publish.

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