From Brazil to India to the USA: The EU Is Funding Worldwide Open Society Network with $116 Million 2019


18-03-21 01:13:00,

While US taxpayers struggle to pay their bills and keep their jobs, the $1.9 trillion Democrat slush fund for “COVID relief” also contains $11 billion for foreign aid for US AID etc. The Biden Administration looks set to return to the Obama-era policy of outsourcing its foreign policy to Open Society NGOs and funding them with taxpayer money.

by Richard Abelson

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Open Society has crafted a world-wide network of NGOs that advance a left-wing agenda of Open Borders, LGBTQ, abortion, universal basic income, combating hate speech and right-wing parties, all under the guise of “human rights”, as a new report from the European Parliament reveals. The report “Echo Chamber:  The Quango Feedback Loop” was released by the European Center for Law and Justice, the EU subsid of Jay Sekulow’s ACLJ.

“The EU Commission funds a vast array of ‘Non-Governmental’ Organizations (NGOs) which are almost exclusively left-wing, and lobby EU member governments and the EU itself to further their political agenda and lobby for more funding”, writes EU Budget rapporteur Joachim Kuhs, “thus creating a taxpayer-funded Feedback Loop and Echo Chamber that unfairly discriminates against conservatives and violates EU obligations to political neutrality.”

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These “civil society” NGOs are “often related to the left-wing network centered around the Open Society Foundation (OSF) and associated organizations,

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