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The title of this article is translated from German.

The concept of mankind (Mensch in German) pertains to all men and women, to humankind.


The political, economic and social turmoil in the world is causing people great concern. Independent scientists are shedding more and more light on the cabal’s sinister plans with profound analyses, but the guild of psychologists, which could provide people with orientation and support, is failing for the most part.

This is not by design. The young people who turn to the study of psychology are religious and believers in the state: they stand on the old standpoint that this system should be preserved. Therefore, nothing can be expected from them and they cannot be trusted. Yet the findings of scientific psychology would be beneficial for human coexistence. But without deep psychological knowledge of human nature, we cannot join forces with our fellow citizens to stand up against the criminal rulers of this world and their accomplices.

Until today, “man has not recognised himself” – not himself and not the other. It would be a matter of using the tools of psychology to recognise man and lead him to freedom. Since a large part of psychoanalysis, psychology and depth psychology has been lost, the author – a graduate psychologist and educationalist – would like to contribute a small piece of the mosaic to knowledge. At the same time, it is a thank you to his teacher, the Zurich psychotherapist Friedrich Liebling, a student of the individual psychologist Alfred Adler. Over decades, he introduced the author to the field of depth psychology with great insight into human nature, in a sensitive, tolerant and understanding manner. His progressive psychological and ideological insights form the foundation of the following explanations.

Psychology – Queen of the Sciences

Psychology is the queen of the sciences. Its favourites are knowledge of human nature and human welfare, its clothing is truth and verifiability. Its palace is surrounded by thorny bushes of prejudice, medieval superstition and religious-philosophical-ethical heresies. Whoever wants to reach it must fight his way through this thicket.

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