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23-03-21 05:10:00,

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For those officers who are silent while we are ordered to enact questionable policies, mandates and bylaws, we hope you will #Remember your Oath”

Important commitment by police officers in Toronto.

Remember your Oath. Law enforcement officers Worldwide should follow suit. Spread the word.


Len Faul is a retired former Inspector with the Toronto Police.

He agreed to sit down with me for an interview to talk about how he and a group of active and former police officers are working to stop these unconstitutional public health measures and how we can work together to push back against what our politicians and health authorities are doing to us.

A big thank you to Len Faul and his colleagues at Police On Guard For Thee for meeting with me and letting me ask all these questions, and most of all for the enormous effort they are making on our behalf! I know it’s a volunteer effort so it means the world to me that they are doing this on all our behalf.

00:00​ Intro


02:56​ public health – look at the evidence

04:04​ “it’s not a policing issue” – mandatory laws vs asking nicely

05:16​ the police oath

07:48​ the court case being brought to court to challenge the “regulations” that they’re being forced to enforce

08:58​ risk of reprisals 

09:56​ examples of police standing for the public 

10:38​ educating citizens & frontline police officers

12:41​ 2. PRESSURE COOKER: the toll on citizens & police

14:57​ legal risks to police officers

16:05​ Crimes Against Humanity – government accountability

16:58​ police officers in danger

18:39​ destroying community support for police

21:13​ 3.

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