Debunk And Discredit The Empire’s Propaganda: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


24-03-21 09:28:00,

The empire expends so much of its wealth and energy on mass scale narrative control via propaganda not because it wants to, but because it needs to. This tells us that the best way to oppose the empire is to help debunk, discredit and break public trust in the narratives it works so hard to circulate.

If you say something seemingly innocuous to your friend and it triggers and upsets them, this tells you you’ve touched on a sensitive area they feel defensive about. Similarly, imperial narrative managers freak out at anyone who questions the empire’s Official Doctrine.

What are they guarding? They are guarding imperial narrative control, that’s what they’re guarding. They’re aggressively protecting their utterly essential ability to control the thoughts people think in their heads at mass scale, and in so doing they are inadvertently telling you where to find the weak parts in the armor of the machine.

The most effective way to resist imperialism is to help debunk and discredit the empire’s propaganda narratives. The most effective way to help advance imperialism is to help circulate the empire’s propaganda narratives.

The problem isn’t that we are ruled by tyrants, it’s that we’re ruled by tyrants and don’t know it. If we weren’t being manipulated at mass scale by propaganda away from a clear seeing of what’s going on, we’d eliminate tyrants as easily as you eliminate a mosquito on your arm.

When a normal person does something wrong, they admit it, apologize, take action to fix it, and take steps to make sure it never happens again. When a sociopath does something wrong, they rearrange narratives to try and make it look like they did something right. How our rulers handled Iraq says which one they are.

The Iraq invasion’s eighteenth birthday bash wouldn’t be complete without one of its leading architects advocating the invasion and annexation of Cuba.

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) March 22, 2021

It’s nuts how the US is circling the planet with military bases, waging nonstop wars, sanctioning children to death and flirting with nuclear war and people are still like “We really need to do something about Cuba”.

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