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26-03-21 04:42:00,

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The original in Norwegian  ( (See also Broadcast in Norwegian)

Professor on suspected vaccine side effects: – The cause has been found

The experts who have examined the three hospitalized health workers believe that the AstraZeneca vaccine triggered a strong immune response. One of the health workers died.

The cause of our patients’ condition has now been found, says chief physician and professor Pål Andre Holme to VG.

A group at Rikshospitalet, led by Holme, has worked hard to find out why three health workers under the age of 50 were admitted with severe blood clots after taking the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The experts have worked on the basis of a hypothesis that the vaccines triggered an unexpected immune reaction in the sick health workers, who have triggered the system so that a combination of blood clots and low platelets has been obtained.

It is this theory that they now believe they have confirmed.

Our theory that this is a strong immune response that most likely comes after the vaccine, [which] has been found. In collaboration with the section for advanced platelet immunology at UNN, we have now detected specific antibodies against platelets that can give such an image, which we know from other parts of medicine, but then with drugs as the triggering cause, the superior [physician ]explains.

You say most likely?

We have the reason. And there is no other thing than the vaccine that can explain that we have received that immune response, says Holme.

Why is it nothing more than the vaccine?

Because we have no other history in these patients that can give such a strong immune response. I’m pretty sure it’s these antibodies that’s the cause, and I see no other reason than that it’s the vaccine that triggers it.

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