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29-03-21 01:06:00,

OVAL Media, with offices in Berlin, Japan and Hong Kong, has been making film productions focused on storytelling since 2009. At first, their innovative approach could not convince many traditional clients. Investors were hard to find.

When the company decided to shoot the Corona Ausschuss (a non-parliamentary committee) as well, its video productions, including those of other projects, were taken off YouTube. Their video channel at Vimeo was also completely shut down.

It only made them more combative and therefore they decided to make a long film about Corona in all its aspects. Meanwhile, the prologue is online, which already paints a fairly broad picture of the numerous aspects of this crisis. A well-balanced film, but there is no place for nuance anymore on the major video platforms.

We must overcome this crisis. It can only been done by serving the truth.

The documentary film “CORONA.FILM – Prologue” is considered by leading epidemiologists to be one of the best cinematic reappraisals of the current corona crisis.

The film “CORONA.FILM – Prologue” is made available on various free and independent platforms. Instead of asking for a small contribution by means of a paywall, we are now asking viewers directly for voluntary financial support. This is the only way we can recoup the costs of making the film and, above all, continue to work on the cinematic review of the Corona crisis.

Watch the above film for free. Do download the film and distribute it as much as you can. Don’t forget to mention the makers: OVAL Media.
We must overcome this crisis. It can only been done by serving the truth.

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