France okays dumbest ideas from the left, bans dumbest from the right Robert Gorter, MD, PhD


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France okays dumbest ideas from the left bans dumbest from the right – and complains US weakness threatens its values


Rachel Marsden and Robert Gorter, MD, Ph.D.

21st of February, 2021

France Okays dumbest ideas from the left and bans dumbest from the right – and complains US weakness threatens its values


French riot police forces detain a protester during a rally as part of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ worldwide protests against racism and police brutality, on Place de la Republique in Paris on June 13, 2020 (©  AFP / Anne-Christine POUJOULAT)

French authorities lament that “woke culture” driven by the left in US universities is threatening French social cohesion. But it’s a homegrown problem of France’s own making and elites only have themselves to blame.

“Will American Ideas Tear France Apart?” asks the New York Times in an article, published earlier this month, quoting prominent intellectuals concerned about the impact of theories on gender, race, and post-colonialism on French solidarity.

French President Emmanuel Macron has led a complete volte-face in France against the notion of “separatism” – to the point of introducing a new law in its name. “Separatism” is really just a euphemism for stamping out Islamist extremism that threatens French unity. And now, apparently, Macron and the rest of the French establishment are also realizing that other forms of ideological extremism, emanating from the left, also represent a threat to French national identity.

In a speech last October, Macron took issue with “certain social science theories entirely imported from the United States, with their problems,” and cited “stepping up dialogue, academic and scientific debate” as a solution to better understanding issues like those involving Islam.

French education minister sparks outrage with a warning about ‘Islamo-leftism’ in universities. Yet, is France truly ready to allow fully free speech on university campuses in the public sphere? That’s the real question.

Macron is now asking that university campuses become what they always should have been: laboratories for free speech. ALL speech.

In reality, they’ve never been that.

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