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The nation of Israel, one of the key hot spots in the Middle East, has willingly or unwillingly become a party to most conflicts in the region. Since its establishment, the Jewish sate has been continuously boosting its military preparedness and upgrading equipment of its forces. Starting in the 1970s, Israel’s defense industry has been constantly evolving and growing and, as a result, at present, the nation is capable of autonomously manufacturing different military equipment, ranging from small arms to tanks as well as other high precision weapons.

For many years now, Israel has been a top player in the global market of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) designed for military purposes. It has supplied other nations with large numbers of drones of different types and has also arranged their licensed production abroad. In the UAV sector, there are approximately 50 locally established companies in Israel, ranging from fairly small organizations to large concerns. Overall, they supply around 170 types of drones of different classes to the market, thus almost completely meeting UAV-related needs of Israeli armed forces. Israeli drones have been exported to defense sectors of over 50 other nations, accounting for approximately 40% of the global UAV market. According to an article published in 2019, drones constituted nearly 10% of Israel’s total military exports. European countries purchase a substantial portion (over 50%) of Israeli-produced UAVs, with approximately 30% of them sold to Asian countries.

In January 2021, India’s online newspaper ThePrint reported that Israeli defense firm Smart Shooter, which produces SMASH 2000 Plus fire control systems that turn “assault rifles into smart weapons”, was looking to set up a manufacturing plant in India.

On February 1, 2021, it was announced that the upgraded Iron Dome (a missile defense system) had successfully completed a new set of trials in Israel. According to report made public in early January, Israel made its first delivery of equipment for the Iron Dome to the US Army. On January 24, 2021, Haaretz wrote, citing Israeli defense sources, that the United States had received the approval of senior Israeli officials to begin deploying these “missile defense systems on American military bases in a number of countries, including the Middle East”, Eastern European nations (at the Russian border) and the Far East.

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