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Social credit score via the backdoor.


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1 April, 2021

China News Service via Getty Images

The chairman of data firm PANDA claims that China has asked the World Health Organization to appoint Beijing to oversee a global vaccine passport system, an ominous prospect given how China’s social credit score system operates.

During an interview at the inaugural BizNews Investment Conference, Nick Hudson explained why this was such a chilling development, saying he was worried about the fabric of society and the future of his children.

“China is petitioning the World Health Organization to appoint it to run a global immune passport program – now if that doesn’t scare the living daylights out of you I do not know what will,” said Hudson.

“This kind of centralization, this kind of control, social credit systems…we need to push back against this stuff because it’s coming,” he added.

Hudson noted how the UK government denied for months that they were preparing to roll out vaccine passports yet at the same time were bankrolling companies to create them.

China is petitioning The World Health Organisation to let China run a global immune passport program. If that doesn’t scare the living daylights out of you I do not know what will.@FatEmperor @toadmeister @ClareCraigPath #VaccinePassport #vaccine #whyaretheydoingthis @LozzaFox

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“They’re lying to the public about this,” said Hudson, tying the development of the vaccine passport to a new bill in the UK that would ban protests that cause “annoyance,” which is basically any protest.

“This stuff is disturbing…I do not want to see my children growing up in a world like that,” said Hudson.

The prospect of China being in control of a global vaccine passport system is obviously ominous given that the Communist state already has its own social credit score system that prevents dissidents from traveling.

As we highlighted last year, Beijing has already combined its COVID-19 tracking system with its social credit score program.

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