Opposing US Imperialism Shouldn’t Depend On Ideology: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


05-04-21 12:55:00,

The empire doesn’t get enough credit for propagandizing us into arguing with each other about whether our expensive new multifront cold war should prioritize escalations against Russia or China, instead of whether that cold war should occur at all. Truly a masterful manipulation.

Opposing US imperialism shouldn’t be about ideology. It shouldn’t matter if you’re a communist or an anarchist or libertarian or whatever; murder is murder, and the US is the most murderous regime in the world. Principled people oppose its murderousness regardless of ideology.

It’s offensive how often people assume your opposition to US imperialism has something to do with the government it happens to be targeting today. When they’re ramping up against China you’re a commie, when it’s Russia you’re a Trumper. No, I just oppose the worst actions of the worst government on earth.

If you only oppose imperialist warmongering against capitalist countries because you are a capitalist, then guess what? You’re a dick. Same if you only oppose imperialist warmongering against communist countries because you’re a communist. It’s not okay to murder anyone, asshole.

A government that is currently bombing other countries is worse than a government that isn’t. For fuck’s sake. For FUCK’S SAKE. How is this not extremely obvious to everyone??

So much propaganda has gone into manipulating westerners into believing that dropping explosives on human beings is fine and normal. People fail to recognize the horror solely because they’ve been propagandized in such a way that they don’t think too hard about what bombs are.

If people just had a really conscious understanding of what bombs do to human anatomy, how it’s impossible to prevent civilian deaths in bombings, and how bombs are actually being used in our world today, that alone would kill all public belief in the US empire’s moral authority.

Joe Biden kills kids.https://t.co/9kdvUvf8Wg

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) April 2, 2021

It’s stupid how often imperialists bleat the terms “whataboutism” and “false equivalency” in defense of US imperialism when the US empire is far worse than any government it targets. Yes, the US is not equivalent to empire-targeted nations; it’s far, far more violent and brutish.

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