Everything The West Claims It Values Is Invalidated By Its Treatment Of Assange


06-04-21 12:56:00,

The western world has a very high opinion of itself and its supposed values, and its treatment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange makes a lie of it all.

Truth. Justice. Freedom. Democracy. We are taught from an early age that these are the sacred values our society upholds with the utmost reverence, and that we are very fortunate to have been born in a part of the world which holds such virtue.

You see this haughty self-righteousness pop up on a daily basis in the most influential circles on earth, from the way US presidents are still to this day referred to as the “leader of the free world”, to US Secretary of State Tony Blinken recently babbling about the “shared values” of the “free and open rules-based order”, to Magnitsky Act manipulator Bill Browder recently referring to the US-centralized power alliance as “the civilized world” in a bid to get Australia up to pace with the rest of the empire’s China hawkishness.

Australia is under pressure to pass its own version of a Magnitsky Act after it failed to join the civilized world in sanctioning Chinese officials over the Uyghur concentration camps https://t.co/H0c7J4En4b

— Bill Browder (@Billbrowder) April 3, 2021

All of this is nonsense. All of this is fake. Everything the western world believes about itself and its values is invalidated by its treatment of Julian Assange.

The western world does not value truth.

If the western world valued truth, there wouldn’t be a journalist languishing in Belmarsh Prison for publishing it.

11 years ago today WikiLeaks published Collateral Murder. It was a defining moment in our understanding of the Iraq war.

The publisher, Julian Assange, faces a 175 year sentence for publishing evidence of such crimes, government abuses & corruption https://t.co/7ZquWpnImm pic.twitter.com/cgXkjouO02

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) April 5, 2021

Julian Assange is in prison entirely because of his authentic publications of the 2010 Manning leaks. He remains locked up for no other reason than the Biden administration’s efforts to appeal a British court’s rejection of its extradition request to try him in the United States for those entirely truthful publications.

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