Gates’ Plan To Control World’s Seeds, Agriculture, Food


06-04-21 07:54:00,

By Neenah Payne

Why COVID Policies Are A War Against Humanity discusses threats posed by globalization, automation, robots, AI, and the COVID polices that Bill Gates recommended for the world. This article discusses some of the documented threats Gates poses to our food supply.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard. He became a multi-billion-dollar software developer after he reportedly stole the DOS code that was the foundation of Microsoft’s Windows technology. In early 2020, Gates was featured all over the global media as he announced that the world cannot go fully back to normal until almost all of the world’s 7+ billion people get his rushed, poorly-tested injection.

WATCH: Bill Gates Lets You Know That Mass Gatherings Will be Cancelled Until You Take the New Vaccine. How did an unelected, unappointed software developer who has no background in healthcare suddenly become in charge of world health?

The FDA authorized COVID injections under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Act in December just as doctors were discussing cures for COVID in Senate hearings. However, an EUA cannot be issued for a vaccine if there are existing remedies. There are 5 inexpensive proven treatments for COVID — at least one was well known since last March.

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In addition, the COVID injections do not meet the five criteria to establish them as vaccines. The COVID injections are deceptively called “vaccines” to allow approval under the EUA because an EUA cannot be issued for injections. So, the EUA for COVID injections are illegal both because they are not vaccines and because there are effective ways to treat the virus that make a vaccine unnecessary. In addition, the CDC statistics show that the COVID virus poses less than a 1% threat for most people.

Gates’ vaccines in India and Africa had disastrous results. Why should anyone trust this man to be in charge of world health? Given Gates’ deep financial investments in vaccines, there is a clear conflict of interest in his urging the unprecedented plan to have everyone in the world — even healthy people — get the COVID injections multiple times.

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