Excerpt From My New Book, Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


08-04-21 10:07:00,

I’m so stoked to get people reading my new book that I’m sharing part of “Chapter Two: Power and Narrative Control” for free. Enjoy!

~ CJ

New Book: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

“This book is my best attempt at articulating what I see as our dilemma as a species and what we can do to address it, both outwardly in the world and within ourselves.”https://t.co/ZaGjf0FLrF

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) April 2, 2021

In Tolkien’s Middle Earth, the affairs of men are dominated by a cabal of wizards who understand the esoteric art of using language to manipulate reality in a way that advantages powerful rulers — Oh wait sorry that’s regular earth I was thinking of. That’s what happens here.

Some conspiracy-type people say the world is messed up because we’re ruled by illuminati or reptilians, but I’m way more out there than that: I say our entire society is made of imaginary thought stories with little relation to objective reality, and some clever manipulators have figured out how to exploit this.

The real underlying currency of our world is not gold, nor bureaucratic fiat, nor even military might. The real underlying currency of our world is narrative, and the ability to control it. Everything always comes down to this one real currency. If you look at what all these think tanks, NGOs, media outlets and grant making networks that billionaires pour their money into actually do, it ultimately boils down to controlling the dominant stories that people tell about what’s going on in their world.

Real change won’t come until people rise up. People won’t rise up as long as they’re successfully propagandized. People will remain successfully propagandized until they evolve minds which can’t be manipulated. Our world will change when our relationship with narrative changes.

Most of humanity’s problems boil down to an unhealthy relationship with narrative. Individually our suffering ensues from believed mental narratives about self, other and world, and collectively our destructive behaviors are driven by the propaganda narratives of the powerful.

Most people’s lives are dominated by mental story,

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