Modi govt now plans a ‘touchless’ vaccination process, with Aadhaar-based facial recognition


11-04-21 10:04:00, A file photo of Ram Sewak Sharma, chairman of Empowered Group on Technology and Data Management to combat Covid-19. | Photo: Commons

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New Delhi: An Aadhaar-based facial recognition system could soon replace biometric fingerprint or iris scan machines at Covid-19 vaccination centres across the country in order to avoid infections.

The Narendra Modi government is working on a pilot project to check the authenticity of facial recognition using Aadhaar data.

In an interview to ThePrint, National Health Authority CEO R.S. Sharma said the Aadhaar agency, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), has “deployed the best facial recognition algorithms which we will be utilising now”.

“We have started a pilot in Jharkhand which is reporting more than 1,000 successful authentications via facial recognition on a daily basis at the vaccination sites,” said Sharma, who is also the chairperson of the empowered committee for the administration of Covid vaccination.

The move will make the entire vaccination process “touchless”, he said.

“Right now, the beneficiaries at the vaccination centres need to touch fingers at the machine for the biometric authentication. They also need to touch the equipment for iris authentication,” he added.

The former UIDAI chief also lauded the robustness of the technology used to build Aadhaar. “Imagine a person who generated their Aadhaar card in 2011. Even after a decade, the software is able to recognise the face. Once we do about 50,000 to 60,000 facial authentications under the pilot, we will roll it out across the country,” he added.

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CoWIN is unique and scalable

Speaking about the Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network (Co-WIN), a portal set up to aid India’s Covid immunisation drive, Sharma said the platform can handle load of millions of registrations.

“It can take a load of 10,000 users per second. The platform can take millions and millions of registrations,” he said, adding that the platform has so far “smoothly” generated 30 lakh digital certificates on days when maximum jabs were given.

“The system has not reported any glitches since 1 March and is delivering digital certificates in local languages,” he said, labelling Co-WIN as “unique” and “scalable”.

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