The fear of one’s own error


11-04-21 10:04:00,

The vigour and harshness in the exclusion of critical voices continues to irritate and can hardly be explained by mere facts. It should be possible to discuss opinions, facts and their interpretation. Why is this not possible in the Corona crisis? It seems as if, beyond politics and rationality, another motivation is at work.

PAUL SCHREYER, 11. April 2021, 0 Kommentare

Note: This article ist also available in German.

A year ago, at the beginning of the crisis, it was easy to argue that most politicians and journalists were honestly warning about the viral threat and were actually concerned about the stability of the healthcare system. However, with the rigorous and permanent blocking and defaming of all critics, this justification became brittle. After all, why was and is it not possible to talk to each other? Where does the absolute will to avoid controversial debate and the strict refusal to question existing assumptions come from? Why, in one word, the implacability?

The frustration about this has been great for a long time. There have been many explanation attempts, including appeals to journalists to report in a more diverse way and to listen to and give air time to those experts who disagree with the government’s line. However, the appeals go unheeded – practically nothing changes.

Some say it’s because of a too close proximity to the government, others point to a socially very homogeneous journalistic field, i.e., a strong similarity of most journalists in origin, milieu and political views. There is good evidence for both. Even before the Corona crisis, author Marcus Klöckner pointed out in his 2019 book „Sabotierte Wirklichkeit“ (Sabotaged Reality) that criticism of the media must go beyond these arguments and not ignore real power struggles:

“It’s about the dominance in the creation of reality by the media. It would be naive to assume that cleanly presented solutions could change anything. As written at the beginning: From the point of view of the dominant actors, there isn’t even a problem – except that there are these ‘whackos’. There it is, the social struggle. And this struggle is being pursued with great ferocity. (…) Let’s not fool ourselves: The decision-makers in the media are well aware of the situation.

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