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13-04-21 06:10:00,

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On Sunday 11 April 2021, Dr Beate Bahner, a lawyer, member of the Lawyers for Medical Law and member of the Lawyers for the Right to Enlightenment, made an urgent video appeal to all Germans. Quote:

“If one in 1,000 tests positive – or 100 in 100,000 – then there is a threat of total lockdown. Do you know what that means? – Everything closed: schools, restaurants, shops, factories, playgrounds, cinemas, museums…. Everything. You can no longer meet, neither with family nor with friends. You are locked in – watching the world on a screen, behind your computer or TV. Your life is being taken away from you by the government, by Frau Merkel.

There hasn’t been anything like this since the Second World War.

Do you know what that means? Even if 100 out of 100,000 test positive, it doesn’t mean that the 100 are sick. On the contrary. 99.9% are healthy, don’t notice their “infection”. Moreover, PCR tests are totally unsuitable for detecting a corona virus. All doctors, all virologists, all scientists worthy of the name know this by now. Mrs Merkel and her government know this too. But they lie to scare you – to restrict you, to steal your freedom, what is left.

Germany – Wake Up! If you let them do this to you, it’s over. Then you – Germany – will never know freedom again. Germany – Wake Up!”


Is the once flourishing fatherland – the land of poets and thinkers – being dealt the death blow?

There is no doubt that the so-called world elite is already in the process of destroying the previous world order in order to replace it with a new one – a satanic one. And with the help of compulsory mass vaccinations, according to ex-Pfizer vice-president Dr Mike Yeadon, a mass depopulation is also being prepared (1). Only the thoughts are still free. The general digitalisation mania has not yet robbed us of all humanity and degraded us to totally monitored robot people.

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