Hundreds of activists send Building 7 film to congressional reps


16-04-21 07:40:00,

Thanks to the supporters of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, hundreds of U.S. senators and representatives have received or will soon receive copies of the new documentary SEVEN along with letters urging them to hold the National Institute of Standards and Technology accountable for its unscientific investigation of the World Trade Center destruction.

When all is said and done, more than 300 activists will have sent the DVDs to 90 senators and 209 representatives. Senators in the most populous states will see a deluge of packages, with senators Alex Padilla and Dianne Feinstein of California receiving 50 DVDs each and senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York — the state most affected by 9/11 — each receiving 18 DVDs. AE911Truth will also send DVDs directly to every member of Congress who didn’t receive one from a constituent.

Seven Congressional Outreach SummaryClick to see the members of Congress who are receiving packages.

AE911Truth operations manager Andy Steele says he’s pleased that so many supporters have risen to this challenge. He says ongoing congressional outreach is important because there are always new members being elected who need to be exposed to the evidence that the three World Trade Center towers were destroyed in controlled demolitions.

“Because of all our public education, we’re constantly reaching new minds, and who knows which of those will be open,” Steele says.

“If we’re going to have an acknowledgement of what really happened to those buildings on that day, it will have to come through an official body like the Congress. It’s also important to let the historical record show that our legislators were not ignorant of this glaring smoking gun that 9/11 was not what we were told it was.”

Architect Bill Brinnier, a long-time AE911Truth supporter who lives about 90 miles north of New York City, sent DVDs to Schumer and Gillibrand as well as to his U.S. representative, Antonio Delgado. Brinnier has participated in past AE911Truth congressional outreach efforts, including on the 9/11 anniversary in 2018, when AE911Truth supporters hand-delivered informational packages to every member of Congress.

He has high praise for SEVEN and thinks the film is very much worth getting into the hands of elected officials.

“I love the movie,” he says.

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