Israelis Treat Palestinians Like Nazis Treated Jews –


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Israelis Treat Palestinians Like Nazis Treated Jews

Paul Craig Roberts

The Nazis had “the Jewish problem.”  Israelis have “the Palestinian problem.” 

The US Congress has long been owned by the Israel Lobby.  Indeed, members of the US Congress routinely put Israel ahead of the interests of Americans and human rights. As far as Israel and the US Congress are concerned, Palestinians have no rights to life, to medical care, to their homes, to their farms, or to their country.  Indeed, the entire history of Israel in the 20th and 21st centuries consists of slow genocide of the Palestinians.  If Israel had exterminated the Palestinians all at once, it would have caused an uproar, but done bit by bit it has become acceptable.

The US Congress has supported this genocide with endless billions of American taxpayers’ dollars, thus turning every American taxpayer for a second time into an accomplice of genocide and the theft of a country. Israelis have said that having done in centuries past the same thing to the Indian tribes, Americans have no basis for complaining about Israel repeating the policy.

Members of Congress who think Israel should be held to the same standards as North Korea and express or act upon such belief are invariably faced in their reelection with a smear campaign organized by the Israel Lobby and a generously financed opponent. Journalists who report accurately on Israel have truncated careers.

Nevertheless, a few members of Congress soldier on and try to introduce a small sliver of morality into US Middle East policy.  They get no help from the American print and TV presstitutes or from NPR as these organizations have long been in the Israel Lobby’s hands.

If you care to know what a brave woman is and to read an example of real unafraid journalism, read this Intercept report by Alex Kane on US Rep. Betty McCollum’s (D, Minn) effort to put a few limits on American support for genocide: 

Some members of Congress objected to Biden’s decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan after twenty years of gratuitous destruction and murder by arguing that the troops were needed there to enforce women’s rights as defined by US feminism in order to revolutionize,

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