Tucker Carlson Exposes Zionist Hypocrisy on Immigration


20-04-21 09:08:00,

Well, the cat is finally well and truly out of the bag when it comes to Israeli and organized Jewry’s hypocrisy. The unprincipled attack on Tucker Carlson by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) over his alleged “white supremacism” included a demand to Fox News that he be fired. It was from a familiar playbook that groups like ADL and the rest of the Israel lobby use almost always successfully to vilify and silence critics in the media, academia and in politics. It works because it condemns legitimate dissent using the usual buzz expressions “anti-Semitism” and “holocaust denial” if all else fails.

Carlson argues that the Democrats are opening the country’s borders to potentially millions of illegal immigrants while simultaneously establishing a national voting system that requires no documentation or evidence of citizenship to create a new reality in the United States. He observes that every new voter shifts the balance in elections, detracting from the votes of existing citizens be they white, black or Asian. He calls this process the “Great Replacement,” which will create a society consisting of ultra-wealthy plutocrats at the top, tied to and relying on the corrupt Democratic Party and its dependent mass of “new citizen” voters for political legitimacy.

Tucker has carefully observed that the change will affect all existing voters, whatever their race, but critics have focused on the implication that the mass immigration he is warning against consists of people of color, so they have imputed a racist motive. But either way, it all basically means that existing voters will lose their clout when replaced by more numerous newcomers as part of a deliberate Democratic Party effort to replace much of the electorate. And that could mean more ominously that something like a civil war could be developing, pitting existing citizens fearful of being effectively disenfranchised against non-native born newcomers who are expected to tip the balance in government permanently blue, as has already happened in states like California. One can disagree with Tucker Carlson on his analysis, but he has made the case that the change will be catastrophic for many American citizens cogently and clearly.

And there is of course the Jewish and Israel angle to it all. Jewish organizations with certain exceptions tend to lean hard left when it comes to domestic politics in the US except when progressive policies conflict with their own interests.

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