We’re All Weird Naked Murder Monkeys


22-04-21 01:40:00,

We’re in the thick of it. Nobody gets to hold themselves as separate from the madness of our species. Not if they are being truthful.

Our minds are touching right now by virtue of an internet that is responsible for 3.7 percent of global greenhouse emissions, using expensive gadgets built by human beings who’ve had to work far too hard for far too little in return. We are in all probability sitting, standing or lying at this very moment upon land that was stolen by violence from someone else, perhaps recently or perhaps a bit further back.

Our entire lives are at this very moment interwoven with the suffering of other sentient beings. Inseparably so. Our whole lifestyle is wrapped around an infrastructure of suffering and death.

The gears of industry have filled our oceans with plastic and led our world into a sixth mass extinction that has caused a drop in insect life so precipitous that once-commonplace things like firefly-filled evenings and bug-splattered windshields have become exceedingly scarce just within our own lifetimes.

We cannot with intellectual honesty separate ourselves as individuals from humanity’s industrial ecocide. If our species had not been behaving in the way it’s been behaving on this planet, our parents would never have met. Neither we nor our loved ones would exist. There would be no one sitting here right now to sigh at the mess our species has made for itself. If we do sigh at the mess, that sigh is made of that same mess, and so is the one who sighs.

The people you look at in your day to day life are fed by factory farming and industrial agriculture. The cells in their bodies are literally made from the suffering and death of other organisms, and of the exploited farm and factory workers who made their food available and affordable to them.

We live in civilizations built by toil, theft, slavery, exploitation and ecocide. The things we wear and use in our day to day living, the fuel which powers our vehicles, the vehicles themselves, the roads we drive them on, the buildings we pass on the road and the buildings we work in, the cities, the nations, all are inseparably unified with this globe-spanning network of violence stretching back to the dawn of recorded history.

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