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23-04-21 10:15:00,

Former president Donald Trump issued a press release on Monday in which he shilled for Big Pharma’s COVID-19 vaccines amidst widespread news of negative side-effects associated with the shots.

Trump hammered all critics of the vaccine regime in an email blast to his supporters, claiming that government officials who question Big Pharma’s unverified assurances of the efficacy of their COVID-19 shots are peddling “deranged pseudo-science” that fuels the “anti-vax movement.”

“The federal pause on the J&J shot makes no sense. Why is the Biden White House letting insanely risk-averse bureaucrats run the show?” Trump asked.

Trump is demanding for the Biden administration to ignore the ill-effects of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. These vaccines were derived from the tissue of mutilated fetuses harvested during abortion procedures and are causing patients to suffer horrific complications related to blood clots.

“Just six people out of the nearly 7 million who’ve gotten the Johnson & Johnson vaccine reported blood clots. The condition is more common in the general population, and every vaccine—indeed, every medication—carries some risk, including the Moderna and Pfizer jabs,” he said.

While Trump may be correct about other vaccines being as dangerous as the Johnson & Johnson jab, he is now demonizing all opposition to the shots with slurs commonly used by globalists to demonize patriots with the courage to resist technocratic and unconstitutional public health mandates.

“With COVID cases still rising nationwide, it’s sheer lunacy to delay millions of vaccinations and feed fears among the vax-resistant,” he said.

“Indeed, this moronic move is a gift to the anti-vax movement: The science bureaucrats are fueling that deranged pseudo-science,” Trump added to close his press release.

The full statement can be seen here:

Big League Politics reported on how Trump rolled over for a federal money grab by Big Pharma last year in starting his “Operation Warp Speed” program:

President Donald Trump has launched “Operation Warp Speed” to funnel resources toward Big Pharma for the purposes of creating a vaccine shot that will be ready for mass distribution throughout the country by the end of the year.

The White House is calling this a Manhattan Project-style project that aims to get vaccines into as many people as quickly as possible,

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