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23-04-21 08:24:00,

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The European Parliament will vote next week on a digital “Green Pass” that people would be required to present as proof they have been vaccinated or tested negative for COVID.

The pass would be required for travel between EU countries. Anyone traveling from outside the EU could also be required to present an equivalent pass.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is asking people in the U.S and EU to call EU Members of Parliament (MEP) and ask them to reject the Green Pass.

Download the list of MEPs. Click on each name to be redirected to the EU Parliament website page, where you will find the direct telephone number for each one.

Also, download this list of MEPs social media account and tag them on social posts asking them to reject the Green Pass.

The proposed Green Pass would include information on the brand of the vaccine a person received, date and place of inoculation, and the number of doses administered, as well as information from a lab or hospital confirming negative test results.

EU members have already agreed on technical specifications for the digital pass, and plans are underway to launch a pilot phase in early summer.

“U.S. citizens should be concerned that if the EU approves the Green Pass, it will set the precedent for the U.S. to also develop and require vaccine passports,” said CHD President Mary Holland. “That’s why we’re asking for everyone, not just people who live in Europe, to call the MEPs.”

CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy wrote to the EU Parliament on behalf of CHD, stating CHD is “deeply concerned by the unintended consequences of the COVID crisis, including how they affect children worldwide.”

In Kennedy’s letter below he said the Green Pass “promises freedom. But when the door remains locked, and only keyholders may pass, are we free? A pass to liberty is, in its nature, a guarantee of discrimination.”

Here’s Kennedy’s letter to the EU Parliament: 

Letter To Members Of The European Parliament Asking For The Rejection Of The Green Digital Certificate

Freedom needs no pass;

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