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Recently, various versions of the origin of Covid-19 have become very actively considered by scientists and experts in various countries. On March 26, even Robert Redfield, the former head of the US Center for Disease Prevention and Control, stated that Covid-19 was after all created artificially, which, he said, was indicated by the peculiarities of the spread of the new type of coronavirus. WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus admitted a week later that the source of the coronavirus infection had never been identified, and WHO continues to consider “all possible versions of the origin of the coronavirus.”

At an April 14 hearing before the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes also confirmed that the US intelligence community is considering two alternative versions of the origin of Covid-19, including a “laboratory accident”.

Although the United States is strenuously trying to argue that it had nothing to do with this deadly chimera of the 21st century, which has already claimed three million lives worldwide, such accusations against Washington have become more and more frequent in the conclusions of various experts. Even the British Daily Mail, in support of such accusations, emphasizes that back in 2017, when no one in the world even imagined a global coronavirus pandemic breaking out in 2019, US intelligence predicted Covid-19 and related restrictions in all countries of movement to curb its spread. On the basis of this alone, the assumptions that such “esoteric predictions” were clearly based on a perfect knowledge of the subject of the “prediction” from the activities of the numerous secret US bio-laboratories scattered around the world, many of which have appeared in recent years near the borders of China and Russia, become very strong.

And this brings to mind the significant historical experience of US biological genocide around the world. Suffice it in particular to recall the typhoid blankets with lice they used to wipe out as many Indians as possible. Or the brutal population sweeps in Australia, which were carried out not without the aid of the spread of deadly diseases. And also Pentagon’s Ranch Hand operation, which contaminated a large part of South Vietnam with Agent Orange defoliant…

Therefore, Beijing’s demand to the United States to provide information about experiments being conducted in US military biolaboratories,

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