The Targets of Biden’s War on “Domestic Extremists” May Not Be Who You Think


27-04-21 09:01:00,

NOTE TO READERS FROM GLENN GREENWALD: Last week I announced that we were initiating a program to publish outside contributions from freelance writers. Today, we are initiating this new section of our Substack, entitled “Outside Voices.” The first article is from Leighton Woodhouse, reporting on the exploitation of anti-free-speech laws to target various activists as “domestic extremists” or “domestic terrorists” on both the right and left, with a focus on how this repressive model is being weaponized against animal rights activists (one of the groups, along with anti-government and right-wing organization, classified as “domestic threats” by last month’s Homeland Security Report which I reported). We have other freelance articles in the pipeline and expect to publish them regularly. We are looking for articles that relate to the topics I report on and cover but which are not necessarily duplicative of what I already do. 

I’m excited to experiment with this program, including, for instance, publishing writers who disagree with one another on a particular topic and letting them debate. The podcast I had been doing with Ben Mora, “After Hours,” was put on temporary hiatus due to Ben’s conflicting commitments, and we have decided for the same reason to permanently cease production (anyone who purchased a year subscription specifically on that podcast page can contact us for a pro-rated refund if you wish). I’m excited about this new freelance program because it will enable us to expand the topics we cover here and provide a platform to young journalists seeking to report, analyze and comment with full independence and freedom to dissent from prevailing corporate media orthodoxies. As you know, we count exclusively on and are grateful for reader support for everything we do here. The more support we receive, the more we will be able to expand our journalism in general and specifically provide a platform for a wide range of new voices to earn a living doing independent journalism. 

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Undercover video taken by the animal rights group DxE at Iowa Select Farms, May 19, 2020

By Leighton Woodhouse

Last May, several months into a global pandemic that had capsized the economy, hog farmers had a problem on their hands.

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