Turkey, a global problem, by Savvas Kalèndéridès, Stavros Kalèndéridès


04-05-21 07:44:00,

Turkey has once again escaped the consequences of its actions, this time in Nagorno-Karabakh. It is probably today in the crosshairs of the Pentagon, which wishes to destroy it like all the other states in the wider Middle East. This is the problem: it risks being set on fire to continue the “endless war” and not to defeat its racist ideology. The adversary must not be mistaken: the enemy is neither the whimsical Erdogan, nor his country Turkey and his ally Azerbaijan, it is the supremacist and racist ideology of the wolf of the steppes.

JPEG - 41.2 kb President Erdogan threatened the European Union and announced in advance the attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Turkey is already being considered to be a global problem, even though the US, the EU and Russia, refuse to accept this reality.

Let us explain in what sense Turkey has become a problem for the whole world.

The world has rejected totalitarian ideologies, since they were responsible for innumerous killings and the suffering of humanity. Fascism, Nazism, Communism [1], all of them were tested and finally rejected and abandoned by history.

The only totalitarian ideology that stands the test of time is Turkish racism, which took various forms during the 20th century, such as the nationalist (and Islamist) racism of the Neo-Turks, by Mustafa Kemal and the Gray Wolves, and in the 21st century, under Tayyip Erdogan, when it also acquired strong Islamist characteristics.

This totalitarian ideology caused the genocide of the Christian populations of Anatolia, which peaked in its brutality during the period from 1914 to 1923 [2].

Everyone knows what happened then, and especially the United States, since its top diplomats at the time, such as Henry Morgenthau and George Horton, recorded in their reports and books the bloody events of that period.

This is also known to England, which, when after the Treaty of Moudros took control of Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire, at the request of the Armenians forced the Sultan to set up military courts for the masterminds of the genocide. In fact, when the nationalists in Turkey reacted and rebelled after the first convictions and the hangings of the perpetrators, England transferred the accused to Malta, where the trials continued.

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