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“The greatest fine art of the future will be making a living from a small piece of land.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

By Pete Kennedy

This past year we’ve witnessed a decrease in the quality and reliability of our conventional food supply as well as of our medical system. Homesteading and growing our own food and medicines can help counter both of these developments.

My guest for this Solari Food Series audiocast is again John Moody, who lives on a 35-acre farm in Kentucky and has been homesteading there for the last 12 years. He consults with homesteaders around the country and is a popular speaker on this topic at conferences such as the Mother Earth News Fairs. He is also the author of several books including The Frugal Homesteader.

In our interview, John talks about various aspects of homesteading and describes steps homesteaders can take to be successful, whether they live in the countryside, a suburb, or even an urban area. Among other topics, John offers advice on how to start up a homestead as well as how to build soil and deal with pests, weeds, and other threats to the harvest. He also covers what it takes to grow high-quality produce, how to negotiate current seed shortages, and how to efficiently use the growing space you have or set up an indoor growing system.

John has generously offered to answer questions homesteaders might have. Listeners can submit questions to

Timemark Segments

05:10  Recommendations for people starting to homestead

26:36  Pest control

36:00  Weed control

43:48  Building soil

1:02:55  Advice on growing produce

In Let's Go to the Movies, I recommend the 2012 documentary Wartime Farm, a reenactment of Manor Farm’s operation in Hampshire County, England, during World War II. Churchill called Britain’s farms the “frontline of freedom” during World War II as they enabled the country to increase the production of food. Today, the ability of our local communities to be as self-sufficient as possible is also a “frontline of freedom” as the planet is being ravaged by a variety of detrimental practices by industry,

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