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“About four years ago a student asked me, 
     “If you could offer one piece of advice about how to make a landscape work, what would it be?” 
      My answer was as simple then as it is now, 
     “Try stuff.” It’s as simple and complex as that.”

~ Ben Falk, The Resilient Farm and Homestead

By Pete Kennedy

In the next Solari Report John Moody returns to the Food Series for Part II of Homesteading. In our interview John shares his advice on how to raise livestock including the recommended infrastructure and feed for poultry, goats, sheep, hogs, and cattle. He discusses how rebuilding the homestead ecosystem can increase the amount of feed you get for livestock from the natural environment, and how perennial permaculture can improve nutrient density.

John also covers beekeeping, maximizing water availability and use through ponds, swales, and cisterns. Finally, he offers his minimalist approach to owning equipment for his farm and sources of fuel for the homestead.

Again, John has generously offered to answer questions homesteaders might have. You can submit questions to

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Timemark Segments

Starts with Benefits and Drawbacks of Livestock

05:10  Recommendations for people starting to Homestead

22:57 Goats

31:02 Sheep

36:51 Pigs

43:57 Cows

55:27 Beekeeping

59:07 Water

1:10:04 Tools & Equipment

1:23:08 Fuel for the homestead

1:31:22 Close

For Let's Go to the Movies, I recommend the documentary Great American Farm Tour. Homesteader and filmmaker Justin Rhodes and his family leave their farm near Asheville, North Carolina to drive around America in a converted school bus in search of the country’s greatest farms.

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