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28-05-21 02:02:00,

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Human rights advocates and journalists applauded the Israeli newspaper Haaretz for its “unprecedented” cover story Thursday—one featuring the photos and stories of 67 Palestinian children killed in the latest bombardment campaign by the Israel Defense Forces. 

“This is the price of war,” the headline read.

The article came a day after the New York Times published its own extensive account of the youngest victims of Israel’s most recent 11-day offensive, in which the IDF frequently targeted residential areas of Gaza, known as the world’s largest open-air prison.

Haaretz‘s focus on the children killed in Gaza was especially noteworthy, said author and Brooklyn College professor Louis Fishman, considering the newspaper’s “readers also send their children to fight in Israel’s wars.”

“This is unprecedented,” Fishman tweeted.

While Haaretz leans to the center-left editorially, Israeli’s mainstream media has traditionally not covered the Palestinian casualties of the IDF’s military campaigns and the Israeli government’s violent policies, said journalist Khaled Diab.

As Diab tweeted, previous attempts by organizations in Israel to publicize the human cost of the IDF’s assaults have been repressed.

Going against Israel’s mainstream media practices, today’s Hebrew edition of Haaretz publishes the photos of the 67 children who were killed in Gaza.#Gaza https://t.co/lEk9FEN0mN

— Khaled Diab (@DiabolicalIdea) May 27, 2021

During the 2014 war, human rights group @btselem tried to counter the wilful silence in the Israeli media about the victims of Israeli airstrikes. It paid for a radio spot naming the dead children. The Israel Broadcasting Authority banned it.#Gaza https://t.co/eSCDXJ92YF

— Khaled Diab (@DiabolicalIdea) May 27, 2021

Haaretz‘s front page represented “a bold move,” tweeted journalist Saima Mohsin, adding, “Will it make a difference?”

Others on social media took note of the unprecedented cover story.


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