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“Neofascism is the culmination of the global pursuit of neoliberalism which greatly widened income and wealth inequalities in every country and led to an absolute immiseration of vast masses of the working people in [countries] like India.” To enforce such massive deprivation, “the corporate-financial oligarchy forms an alliance with neofascist elements to shift the discourse away from conditions of material life towards vilifying the ‘other’, typically a hapless religious and ethnic minority.”

Sagar describes the particular corporate interests that Modi is serving in the farmers’ case.

“Modi is nothing more than a facade for the designs of large corporations…The main beneficiary of the new farm laws is expected to be Mukesh Ambani, India’s [and Asia’s] richest business tycoon [and Modi’s biggest funder].” Ambani has received US$21 billion in investments “from Facebook, Google, the Saudi and Abu Dhabi sovereign funds. This was possible mainly because Ambani is known to be close to the current regime and investing in his business is expected to ensure profitable returns.”

“Facebook is the biggest investor in Ambani’s Jio Platforms, that owns both Jio—India’s largest mobile network—and Jio Mart which hopes to dominate the country’s fast-growing e-groceries market. The plan is for Ambani’s telecom empire to join forces with Facebook’s messaging service WhatsApp, which has over 400 million users in India, to expand Jio Mart’s consumer base.

“While e-groceries companies like Jio Mart will control purchase, processing and retail of food products, large agribusinesses are likely to enforce everything from choice of crops to selection of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. Digital payment services— that include the Facebook-owned WhatsApp—will provide credit, finally reducing farmers to the status of wage earners permanently at the mercy of whimsical corporate executives and investors. The new farm laws are meant to facilitate the growth of such ventures and without this legal framework no foreign investor will want to put money in India.”

Sagar calls Amazon, Facebook, Google and Walmart successors of the British East India Company, which along with the British Crown, colonized and looted India for 200 years, condemning it to an abyss of poverty.

The continued neocolonization of India by corporations is, however, dependent on the BJP maintaining its success through its divide-and-rule policy of vilifying minorities, which is how it wins elections. But this policy has been significantly undermined by the farmers’ protests,

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