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As Syrian elections approached, the US, France, and Germany  worked together to undermine them.  This was not because they truly believed the elections weren’t “free and fair,” but simply because there is no possibility for their client regime of choice to come to power.

This is despite these same Western nations – hand-in-hand – lecturing the world about “democracy,” and using its alleged “lacking” as a pretext to interfere in the affairs of nations worldwide.

The true irony is – even as the UN condemns pressure placed on Syrian voters by factions in Lebanon – the UN appears reluctant to condemn similar pressure or outright restrictions the West is placing on Syrians to likewise inhibit their ability to vote.

AP in an article titled, “Lebanese attack Syrian voters in sign of growing resentment,”

UNHCR said it received reports of intimidation and pressure, according to Lisa Abou Khaled, a spokesperson for the agency, adding that the agency was looking into it “to ensure that refugees are free to decide whether or not to vote.”

The same AP article would claim:

France and Germany banned any voting at Syrian missions in their country, with a French Foreign Ministry official saying the elections are “null and void” and there is no point in holding them.

No mention is made by AP about what the UNHCR has said – if anything – about outright restrictions on voting placed on Syrians residing in France and Germany – restrictions that surely infringe on Syrian refugees and their right to decide “whether or not to vote.”

Despite these Western nations posing as self-appointed global arbiters of what is and isn’t a legitimate election – democracy is a process of self-determination and for Syrians that means a process determined by and for Syrians – not the foreign ministries of France and Germany and certainly not the US State Department.

Ten Years On: The West’s War on Syria Continues

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